Sketchnoting and Twine

Today, we learned how to take visual notes created from a mix of handwriting and drawings. I have never heard of this before and was a little hesitant to begin with as I don’t consider myself to be a “good” drawer, however I quickly realized that people of all ages and skills can excel at this activity. I started off by drawing simple lines and objects, and learned about designing titles with thin lines for letters, bubble letters, shading for a 3D effect, and adding other simple details for it to stand out. Unlike simply writing out notes or typing them out, sketchnoting helps with memory recall by condensing information faster and connecting it to visual diagrams that the brain is more likely to remember. On top of that, it is also fun, engaging, and it helps with concentration.

Another neat activity I explored was creating an interactive story on Twine. This software allows a user to create a story in the form of web pages, by typing out any information they would like on the page, and adding double brackets around a word or phrase they would like to hyperlink to a different page. It feels much like an adventure, going from one page to another virtually. You are also able to see the whole layout of your story on the main page, which shows boxes of text that are connected by arrows (the boxes being each new page that is created). Best of all, you can easily publish it to html to revisit it and share it with friends and family all across the world!