open learning and privacy

We had the wonderful opportunity to have another video conference session, this time with Verena Roberts, who talked to us about open learning education in grades k-12. This type of learning goes beyond learning in the classroom and allows students to connect to their community and develop their identity. A huge part of open learning is that it requires people from outside the classroom to be involved in education. Building relationships, making clear connections to learning and thinking, clear assessment, and feedback are all very important components as well. A few indicators for open learning practice include the following:

  • Designing for sharing
  • Participatory learning
  • Learning networks
  • Safe learning spaces
  • Expanded learning environments

After the session with Verena, we listened to Jesse Miller talk about safety and privacy with using the internet and how it can impact our teaching career. Jesse began by informing us that tweens are not the only ones who don’t know how to use social media properly and that in fact, nobody does. Technology can be an amazing thing for kids when used right, so it is important for parents and educators to learn how to use it correctly and appropriately first, before educating young ones about it. Something I learned was that every social media platform is connected to another. Even giving someone a piece of information as simple as your phone number can lead to your facebook account, instagram, snapchat, and so on. As future teachers, it is extremely important to be cautious about what you post on social media and how you portray yourself in order to maintain a high level of professionalism and respect.

A few other points that I got from this talk include:

  • understanding the school expectations and policies of the employer
  • Public/parents- understand how the school district wishes to use social media to communicate to the public
  • Staff- understand how the district wishes staff to use social media to communicate and educate to students
  • Students-understand how the district wishes to use social media to educate students about internet trends and online concerns in conjunction with parents, the community, partners, and school board