Edcamp reflection

Today in class, we watched a video on what edcamp is and how it is beneficial for both teachers as well as students. It involves a group discussion between educators where they can express their interests, passions, and any questions they have on an education topic. It is different from a lecture-based session in that everyone is able to talk openly and freely with people who share common goals and interests. I think this is a great way to foster creativity and to come up with ideas involving the perspectives and values of other people. Here is some more information on edcamp:

I chose to join the outdoor learning environments group because I am interested in how I can make learning fun and impactful for students other than in a classroom setting. Together as a group, we discussed our own personal experiences in outdoor education, ranging from a simple activity such as reading outdoors, to going on a week long camp. I shared my own memory from high school where my science class went up Mt. Tolmie to identify invasive species such as scotch broom, and we also removed a blackberry bush that was beginning to grow out of control. We searched up images of outdoor learning environments and came across numerous ones like this one below:

I really appreciate this image as it shows the simplicity yet power of creating an outdoor learning environment. Learning circles are great for sharing ideas and having an open discussion but when it is moved outside with the use of natural materials, it creates a whole new experience for students. There is so much to see and do in the outdoors compared to sitting in desks inside of a classroom, and I think that doing more things outside can greatly enhance students’ concentration and interest in learning. It’s fun and easy to do!