Distributed Learning

In high school, I took a course online that was very self-paced and I had trouble staying motivated to complete what needed to be done. Because there wasn’t a specific teacher or supervisor that I was assigned to, there weren’t any guidelines for me to follow and it was up to me to set goals for myself and to determine how much time I wanted to put into it. Personally, I prefer face to face lectures as I feel more connected to the course material and the teacher. However, I can definitely see how some students may benefit from other ways of learning.

In this class, I have had the opportunity to be a part of two video conference sessions which was new for me, but they were very informative and it comes to show that learning can be effectively delivered in different ways other than a face to face lecture.

I think that distributed learning adds a new dimension for learning and it is nice to have a change from face to face lectures. Blended learning involves both face to face and online lectures. Not everyone can be present so distributed learning can help fit the box for those individuals. This way, they are able to be present and be able to learn. Not everyone has to go down the same path- there are different learning pathways that fit different students’ needs. Distributed learning can also help students with anxiety or those who live in a rural area who can connect with teachers online instead of having to travel for hours to school.

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