Today, we spent the class learning how to play Minecraft. Heidi James, a teacher from Colquitz Middle School, brought a few of her students to our class and talked to us about the learning outcomes that come from playing Minecraft. I have never had an interest in gaming and like many parents, see it as a “waste of time” for children. However, after this class I realized how important it is for adults and especially for teachers to be open-minded and encouraging of students to engage in video games- specifically Minecraft. As Heidi mentioned, Minecraft helps students to develop numerous skills such as planning, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving. It can also be integrated into many subjects such as science, social studies, english, math, and art.

I was able to play this game with all my peers by simply connecting to a server, which made the whole experience more fun and engaging. The room was buzzing with energy and the sound of voices as we were all collaborating with one another and helping each other out. Heidi showed us a really cool feature where the teacher can control the game by freezing characters, transporting them, switching the game to survival mode with monsters, the time of the day, and so much more. I definitely want to try this with my students in the future as I think it’s a wonderful way for them to learn and have fun!

For more information about Minecraft in the classroom, click on the link here

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