Rain chant presentation

Giving this presentation to the class was a good learning experience for myself and for my group. We were unsure of what was expected for this presentation as the guidelines were unclear, so we simply just created a lesson plan on how to teach the rain chant. We began our lesson by showing the class the words to the chant and saying them altogether, followed by saying the words while keeping a steady beat. We then divided the class up into three groups and assigned each group a different section of the chant. During this time, we circulated around the room to clear up any confusion or answer any questions the students had. After, we told the class to chant their part in their own groups first before chanting altogether. The first time they tried this, it sounded like a huge blur because everyone was going at different speeds. We tried this a second time and made sure to keep a steady beat, which helped them to stay in time and end together.

There are many things that we could have improved on to make this presentation run smoother. If we had put more thought into creating it, we would have been able to connect this one topic into many other subjects like how the other groups did. Seeing what the other groups came up with really inspired me to dig deeper and look beyond the topic itself, and to integrate other subjects into it as well for a more meaningful learning experience. Another thing is preparation and organization. If we had put more time into preparing the lesson, running over it, and making sure that everyone knows what they will be presenting, it would have gone more smoothly without any awkward pauses or moments of hesitation. Another important thing to keep in mind for next time is to break sections up into separate lessons and to not add too much into a single lesson plan. Because we had a lot to cover in one lesson, each section was rushed and not explained as thoroughly as it should have been. Sometimes, it is better to take away some components in a lesson in order to really focus on teaching the material well.

Overall, this experience has taught me a lot and I hope to use what I have learned and apply it to the final group presentation assignment.

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