It is important to know what copyright is and the rules and regulations behind it. Through my personal experience at school, my teachers would always emphasize the seriousness of plagiarism, however they never really talked about how serious copyright infringement can also be. When sharing information such as pictures, videos, music, and other works, it is important to know whether or not you have the right to do so and to also give credit to the creator of the work. It isn’t a good feeling when someone uses a work of your own without your permission or any acknowledgement.

A creative commons license is one out of many copyright licenses which allows people to have the right to share and use the work of that author. There are different rules and guidelines for each type of license so it is important to look carefully and to follow the right information. Here is the link to the creative commons website for more information:

A useful tip that I learned when saving pictures is to write the license number of it, the name of the person who took it, and where you found the picture. By doing this, one is aware of where they found the picture and what licensing it is under.


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