School visit

The school visit to the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry was an eye-opening experience for me. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but as soon as I walked around the school, I was amazed to see all the resources and facilities that the school had to offer such as a common room for students to interact, a quiet room, a kitchen, and even a music production room. After talking to the students, I found out that many of them had struggled with the traditional style of teaching, which is why they transferred to this school for a less-structured curriculum and a self-directed way of learning. The students come up with a passion project much like what we are doing in tech class, and they decide how much time and effort they would like to put into it. There are no scheduled class times or subjects as subjects are integrated into the projects, and students are assessed based on competency development. It was great to see the tight-knit community of students and teachers and everyone seemed to get along very well. The teachers are always available for help and guidance and do a lot of one-on-one interactions with the students. Although this kind of education isn’t for everybody, it works for many students and provides a strong foundation for their passions and interests that could potentially lead to their career path. When students are given freedom and choice of what they want to do, learning comes easily and naturally.


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