Teaching piano week 2

Originally, I was going to start teaching piano last weekend on Saturday, however the student I was going to teach was sick and could not make it to her lesson. Instead, I decided to spend this time to focus on my theory analysis homework. Outside of taking classes at uvic, I also take a class on music analysis once a week in preparation for my exam this summer in August. Upon completion of this exam, I will receive my ARCT certificate in piano teaching which will help me become one step closer to becoming an experienced music teacher. Although I do not need this certificate to teach piano, it will be a great asset to have and help me towards building a professional career.

For music analysis, I have to analyze sheets of music from 4 different periods: the Baroque period, classical period, 19th century art song, and 20th-21st century music. Because I am more familiar with music during the classical period, my teacher and I decided that I should start with this. I was quite overwhelmed at first skimming through the pages and pages of music I had to analyze, which are like the ones in the image below:

My job is to identify certain sections by marking it in the pages of the music such as the exposition (beginning of the piece), the development section (middle of the piece), and the recapitulation (where the theme of the beginning of the piece is introduced again. Other terms include the different themes of the piece which introduce a new key or musical line, the bridge which helps to transition a section into a different key, the codetta which introduces the closing of a section, and the coda which leads to the end of the piece. The questions below are what I have left to complete and it often takes me hours to do so. Through more practice and hard work, I’m sure it will become easier for me and be a great benefit towards my musical career.

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